July 21, 2010

1757 Golf Club – 93

Went to 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA on Thursday July 15th.  I shot a 93.  First time at this place.  It’s an awesome course.  We got a deal on EZLinks.com for $39.  Best deal in town for a very nice course.

Onto my game.  I had 33 putts, hit 7 fairways and 3 greens.  Obviously, I still need some work on my short game, but I feel as though I fixed one problem.  My biggest problem was swaying, instead of turning.  When I sway, I have to get back to the center on my downswing, and if I don’t, I run into fat / thin shots…just plain old inconsistency.  Now, with my turn (instead of shift), I find it much easier to just swing.  BIG FIX!

I’m content right now.  93 is a good score on this new course for me.

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