July 26, 2010

1757 Golf Club – 98

Ezlinks had a special at 1757 Golf Club for $33.  Can’t beat that.  Too bad I didn’t play that well.  I ended up shooting a 98.  46 in the front and 52 in the back.  I made a few bad decisions and lost a few balls, and my short game was absolutely atrocious.  37 putts…another atrocious putting round.  I am on the verge of getting a new putter or maybe I should just change the grip again.  A few weeks ago I changed the grip to a big grip kinda like KJ Choi’s, but not as big.  I don’t know if it’s hurt my putting or what, but I’m struggling now.

I lost 6 balls.  That’s pretty much 12 strokes right there.  I had a few 1 or 2 chips, plus 2-3 putts.  Those are horrible.  I remember having a few duffs too, so I guess I’m back to swaying.  Ugghh.  Definitely not enough time at the range.  It’s been so damn hot over here.  Going to the range just doesn’t seem very fun.

I did get the new iPhone 4 though, so my golf swings will be in full HD now.  Alright, my handicap is at 14.2.  I’d like to see it move lower before the golf season is over.  I’m having surgery on my left knee to fix a torn meniscus, so I might be out for a few weeks.  That’s gonna suck.

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