April 24, 2012

1757 Golf Club for $54 w/Free Lunch

LivingSocial is having a deal at 1757 Golf Club in the Dulles area of Virginia.  The great thing is that this coupon can be used Monday through Friday or on the weekends after 11am.  You can normally get some pretty decent discounts through EZLinks during the week, usually for like $45 or so, but not on the weekends, so this makes this coupon a really great deal.

In addition to the round of golf, you also get free lunch inside their clubhouse.  I imagine that there will be a small menu list, but it’s still a free lunch.  Fifty-four bucks for a weekend round is pretty good, especially in this area.  I’m pretty sure that they normally charge like $98 or something ridiculous like that.

Buy 1757 LivingSocial Coupon for $54

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