July 28, 2011

Bull Run: 87

I have to post a blog here because I played much better today.  I just wanted to jot down some notes on what went right.  I shot an 87, but more importantly, it could very well have been a sub 80 round.  I lost 3 balls and 4 putted the 1st green, not really knowing how fast the greens were.

Anyways, here are some notes:

  • to fix my crazy slice, look down the line on address (turn head behind and to the right at address).
  • for chips, stand with two feet close together with an open stance.  This made my chipping much more consistent
  • 3/4s four hybrid goes about 180 yards; 3/4s three hybrid goes about 195 yards (replace 5/6 irons)
  • putter: have a few practice swings just to get the clubhead going straight
That’s about it for now.  Bull Run is one of the easier courses, so it’s hard to feel really great about this round, but I felt as though I struck it much better today.  No more crazy slices.  Maybe piedmont will be soon, that way I can get a real test.

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