June 30, 2012

Daily Deals Do Golf Discounts

Golf Discounts

I’ve been doing the daily deal sites like Groupon, Gilt, Living Social, Rue La La, and many more, for a while now, typically getting discounted nights out for dinner. I don’t know if they’ve run out of dining establishments all at once or just branching out, but I’ve noticed a trend of late where I can get tee times with golf coupons through several of these.

The golf discounts are great, typically on the order of magnitude of 50% off, or more. They’re not for the course I typically play at, but I’ve been trying out some new courses with our group and there are a couple we might go back to. Probably on a better day then the golf coupon offers, but hey, at half off, who wouldn’t want another excuse to go out golfing in the middle of the week. Beyond just golf courses available with the discounted tee times, you may run across driving ranges offering golf coupons for buckets of balls (or lessons), and those are at places where I typically would go.

Just think how much you’ll save with 8-10 buckets for half off, or more. Check to see how many of the deals each deal site allows you to do. If you can only get one for yourself, but they allow purchasing gifts, swap with friends so you can use the golf discount multiple times. For instance, you buy one golf discount for yourself and one for your friend, and he (or she) buys one for himself (herself) and one for a friend.

You can each be the other person’s friend, allowing you to get the deal multiple times where you wouldn’t otherwise. If you can get multiple gifts, just find more friends to swap with. It’s that easy, assuming the coupon doesn’t say that a person can only do the deal once, even if they got it as a gift. Buy hey, just getting the discounts once is well worth it.

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