June 24, 2012

Get Your Golf Coupons!

Let’s face it, while golf is perhaps one of the most enjoyable outdoor sports for both men and women, it can be quite the cost at times. Depending on location, quality of the course and equipment rentals if needed, you may end up paying a small fortune. However, there is relief for those of us who would like to make rounds without shelling out a few days worth of work.

The internet has become stock full of coupons relating to golf equipment as well as tee times/golf games at specific locations. In order to reap the benefits, you need to be clever and search like a pro. Be clear to stay away from scams and spam and anything that sounds too good to be true- because it probably is!

Recently, I investigated a few sites, searching for their deals relating to golf and have found reliable, useful and valuable golf discounts. For example, offers individuals discounts on golf games at locations all throughout the country. There are even discounts on golf apparel and equipment.

As with many sites, you can elect to receive recurring e-mails with discounts sent to you. This may be ideal for the people who would rather not search. Another decent site I found was This site also offers actually, reliable deals with an enhanced search menu. Individuals can search by zip code, the day (weekday or weekend) they would like to play as well as browse through a list of featured courses. In my search of the site, I have found the featured courses tend to offer the best deals, but there are deals to be had regardless of the course you select. So, with a click of the mouse and a little browsing, golf coupons can literally be at your fingertips!

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