March 23, 2012

Golf Discount Passes Used for Fundraising

Another great thing about the popular golf discount bookslike and, is that they can be used as a fundraising project. These discount books are essential for every golfer and typically sell like hot cakes. If you are in charge of organizing a fundraising event, why not consider selling these popular golf coupon books that provide free rounds of golf, along with many other specials and promotions?

There is a fundraising phone number that is conveniently located on these websites under the fundraising tab that provides you with a contact phone number where you can reach someone directly to discuss the details of your fundraising needs. If you decide you want to pursue the fundraising opportunity, then you will need to fax and/or email an agreement that will need to be signed and returned.

Once you have set up the fundraiser, it is important to prepare the team or fundraising group about the product that they will be selling. This will help them better market the product to potential customers which will help to increase sales.

You will be sent the golf discount passes directly to sell, so the customer does not have to wait to receive their tee times book, which is also great for generating sales. It is best to collect the money from each customer as the product is sold since you are going to supply the customer with the product right then and there; there is no reason to have to wait to collect the money owed like many fundraising products. And the best part is this product will easily sell to the right market due to the exceptional golf coupons offered. You simply send the amount owed to tee time and you and your organization get to keep the excess profits to use for your fundraising needs.

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