April 5, 2012

Golf Discounts Sites Offers Savings from 10% to 70% off Regular Greens Fees

If you are giving serious consideration to taking up the game of golf, or if you are a veteran of many years enjoying the challenge golf has to offer, there is absolutely no reason to pay full price for green fees.

Interestingly enough, online golf discount sites have become numerous but, not many of us serious golfers have given them much attention. We’ve grown up thinking, a call to the course to book a tee time is the only way to go. Not so.

With golf discount sites, you can save ten to over seventy percent off the normal green fees for top notch golf courses. And many of these sites have discounts at some of the top golf courses in the nation, not only the “municipal” courses.

Courses are always looking for ways to increase the amount of play which in turn increases their revenue, which fuels profits. It’s the same reason why some golf courses offer limited annual memberships. These memberships are a fixed yearly revenue for them. With discounts off of regular greens fees, it brings players to their course during off tee times, or tee times that are normally hard to fill. It’s a win/win for both the course and player.

Many of these online discount golf sites have picked up on the opportunity to make golf less expensive for all of us while making money selling advertising. It brings potentially new players to their course, and hopefully repeat customers who will pay full price later on or better yet, sign up to become an annual member.

Almost all of the golf discount sites offer discounted rates that vary by location, day of the week you want to play and time of the day you are interested in. Along with information pertaining to the course, including score cards, phone numbers, and reviews.

Just think, you can plan a trip to another state knowing that you have a tee time booked at a course you want to play and it is yours at a discounted rate. Some of the sites even offer last minute tee times or “hot deals”, which are sometime very large discounts off regular rates. These hot deals range from as little as ten percent to as high as seventy percent off the walk in price.

Neat thing is you don’t have to travel to another state to save money as I’ll bet some of your favorite local courses offer online discounts to attract new business. Sites such as GolfNow, EZLinks, TeeTimeGolfPass, Clickitgolf, etc. Are great places to start the search.

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