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December 13, 2012

Golfing in Tough Economic Times – Not as Crazy as You Think

Golfing is a recommended pastime because it is physically engaging yet relaxing and because it encourages interaction and friendship. Golf games take place in the open among the grass, trees, sunlight and breezes – all of which are conducive to good feelings. An unfortunate side effect of golf, however, is the cost associated with it.

Golf equipment, club fees and transportation costs can all add up quickly in golf, causing many persons to reconsider the gains they really derive from the sport. A tough economic climate has further caused many to consider what once was a pleasant pastime, as an expensive luxury. Because of this a number of golfers have sadly hung up their equipment and put their golfing days behind them.

Many courses have pinpointed costs as the main factor in dropping attendance rates, and have sought to rectify this by issuing discounts on their products. It is now common to find club managers issuing golf coupons, offering lowered rates on course fees, daily or weekly. What’s more, is that these golf discounts are not limited to greens use, but can be used for anything ranging from driving ranges, equipment purchases and rentals and other golf paraphernalia.

There are a few limits issued on these coupons: some can only be used once per course per day, while others may be cashed in at certain times only. A tee time golf pass, for example, lets you receive the discount whenever one tees up. Others have a set number of times that they can be used. The discount issuers are very accommodating and are known to show some leniency depending on circumstances.

Tee time coupons are very popular, though, and are issued directly or on websites. Some states, such as the MSGA offer golf passports, which give members easy and discounted access to courses. Seeking tee time golf passes or other golf discounts makes a lot of sense in these tough economic times. It is simply good economic sense to pay less for the things one normally uses.

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