March 24, 2012

GolfNow is the King of Golf Discount Websites

There are a variety of different websites available that offer golf discounts around the country with a variety of hot deals which are available to you with a few clicks of the mouse. Golfnow is an awesome website that allows you to choose the location where you would like to play from a menu of many different locations.

Once you have chosen your location, all you have to do is simply click on the “Tee Times” tab it will instantly provide you with golf pass discounts based on the location that you have entered. The discounts vary; however, there are plenty of great “hot deals” to be found ranging between $17 and $39 per player and allow you to apply this discount from anywhere between one and four players.

Along with these great deals you can also find information about golf courses located in Ireland, Canada and Scotland as well if you would like to play a round of golf around the country or right in your own backyard. They have discounts on quality, top rated golf courses all over the United States and beyond.

With the ever growing range of beautiful golf courses you can visit at a fraction of the typical cost, you will not be disappointed when you use your golf discount to do what you love to do; play golf. The benefit of becoming a GolfNow member is that you will receive exclusive discounts to the thousands of golf courses that are already affiliated with the golf discount site.

GolfNow is hands down one of the most comprehensive golf discount sites available today. They are backed by the Golf Channel, which is a NBC Sports Group affiliated site, so there is definitely plenty of money behind them. That’s how they can offer such great deals when others can’t.

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