June 24, 2011

Goose Creek: 84 – Handicap: 14

So, that’s three solid rounds in the 80s.  I’ve been keeping the weight on my left foot, and pivoting on the right, in hopes of keeping the hands in front of the ball on impact.  It’s been working, as I’ve been hitting some pretty solid shots.  I only hit 3 fairways today, so I’m convinced that if I can get my driver working, I’ll shoot my first round in the 70s soon.

42 on the front 9, and 42 on the back nine for a total score of 84.  I used Golfnow to get a nice discounted rate of $24 (including the golfnow fees).  The course is actually in pretty good shape.  Greens are firm and very even.  Fairways are solid, and rough is nice.  I haven’t played at Goose Creek in a few years, but it’s gone through some renovations over the past year or so.  It shows.

Anyways, again, I played well.  All of my misses off the tee were blocks to the right.  Ugghh…I need to get this fixed because I was hitting from the rough all day today.  First things first though…I’m gonna readjust my R11 driver back to 10.5 degrees.  I don’t know what kind of change that will make to my swing, but we’ll see.

A few notes from today’s round:

  • I had 31 putts with two 3-putts.  Get the ball to the hole!!
  • stack and tilt still working fine.
  • Lost one ball because I tee’d the ball too low on a 3-wood off the tee

Things are looking up.  Time to get my handicap to single digits.

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