June 28, 2011

Laurel Hill Golf Club: 91 – Handicap: 13.4

Another bad putting round.  36 putts.  I was pulling all of my putts.  I only had 1 one putt.  I can’t shoot a good score with 36 putts.  My short game was out of whack today.  I did have a great driving day though, only missing two fairways all day.  I fixed a little something on my upswing, which was to go a little more flat at the top.  This slight change made a world of a difference.

I did make 7 pars, but I had 8 doubles to go with it.  A few notes from this round:

  • On the downslope, make sure I tilt my body with the slope, otherwise, I will hit it fat.
  • off the tee, driver more flat at the top
  • hybrids, address closer to my body

Overall, I didn’t play too bad.  I just made a few bad swings, where I didn’t trust it and ended up doing bad things.

Anyways, we ended up getting a good deal through golfnow for $39 total.  Can’t beat that rate at one of my favorite courses.

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