July 21, 2010

Laurel Hill Golf Club – 91

F’in 38 putts!  I haven’t had a round like this in a long time.  My putting is bad, but this was the worse in the long time.  Anyways, it was fun playing Laurel Hill again.  It’s one of my favorite courses in the area.  We normally use the Waggle Golf Pass to get 2 for 1s at this course.  18 holes for about $35.  Can’t beat that.

I hit the ball pretty well.  I had a couple of fat/duff shots, but that’s only because I tried to kill the ball both times, and I shifted instead of turned.  Playing this course made me realize that I need to get working on my short game ASAP.  I can’t tell you how many chip + 2 putts and chip + 3 putts I had.  Those are absolute no nos for a 15 handicap golfer like myself.  8 fairways, 3 greens…38 putts.  Ugghh…38 putts.  I’m thinking about getting a new putter…

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