June 1, 2010

Longaberger Golf Course in Ohio : 100+

Played at Longaberger Golf Club in Nashport, Ohio this past Friday.  36 holes.  I started off bogey, bogey, bogey.  Not too bad, considering that I hadn’t played this course ever, but then I blew up.

The fourth hole was the number 1 handicap.  It was a 530 yard downhill par 5 with a narrow green, surrounded by a pond on the right, and hazard around the back.  I pulled my tee shot to the left.  It didn’t look too bad, but it hit a leaf and I couldn’t find the damn thing.  So I had to play my provisional, which was just off the fairway.  My fourth shot landed about 85 yards to the back pin.  With a pitching wedge in hand, I tried to do a three-quarters pitch to the back-center of the green, but ended up pummeling it past the hole into the red hazard.  Dagger.  My chip onto the green skipped past the hole and almost into the pond, but it held.  I ended up one putting for a 9.  I just played that hole pretty dumb.  My driver was all out of whack too.  I couldn’t get the damn thing going straight.

On the next hole.  It was a downhill 188 yard par 3.  15th hardest hole on the course.  I hit a five iron which ended up being a little too much club.  I pulled it left again, and it hit the cart path and into the tall grass on the sidehill.  My provisional landed on the green, but my golfing partner actually found my ball buried deep into the thick shit.  I didn’t really have too many options, but to hack it out.  My first hack, I got the ball, but it skidded out and hit one of the cart path concrete sidewalls and the ball shot right back into the thick shit.  What a dagger.  I tried to hack it again and it went two feet.  Hacked again, and missed the ball completely.  Well, it took me four tries.  Eventually getting near the green in 5.  A chip and a putt, and I was in for a quadruple bogey 7.

You know I wonder where I lose my shots, and it’s simple.  I think the smarter thing to do would’ve been to just play my provisional, which was on the green.  I would’ve saved two shots minimum.

The 36 holes was a mess, but I did get a good tip.  It seems as though I am consistently hitting my ball 2-4 inches behind my ball, which is causing a lot of problems.  Fat shots, and errant distances.  The solution was to move my ball back a little bit in my stance.  It feels weird, but the few shots that I hit with the new ball positions felt great.  Much more crisp.  Anyways, that’s what I’ll be working on over the next few days.  I can’t wait to get back out there again.

BTW, if you ever play at Longaberger, definitely try golfnow.com or buy the Tee Time Golf Pass Ohio Edition.

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