June 19, 2010

Old Hickory: 91

I actually played a round in between this one at Pleasant Valley, but we played the front 9 on the blue tees, and the back 9 from the gold tees (tips).  I didn’t actually keep score for that round, so it’s not official.  Anyways, I learned something in that last round.  My swing needed to be a lot flatter up top.  It took me a few holes, but I finally got the idea of how to make it flatter, thus allowing me to hit more solid shots.

With the new swing in a full effect, I opened this round with birdie, par, par.  Not bad.  Then, I went double, bogey, bogey, bogey on the next four holes.  The last two holes, I blew up with triple, quad.  I need to get my driver under control.  It’s killing me.  I hit 5 fairways, but those weren’t good fairways, meaning, I got lucky.  I ended the front 9 with a 47, but I really did play better than that.  17 putts on the front 9.  With the exception of the last two holes, I played well.

On the back 9, I had another birdie, when I hit a buried sand shot which trickled into the hole.  It was an unbelievable birdie; one that I wouldn’t be able to replicate in a thousand tries.  Anyways, 5 fairways, 5 greens.  I had one triple on the back 9, and two doubles.  One of the doubles, I 4 putted on a par 3.  That was a show.  33 putts total for the day.  My score was 44 on the back 9.  91 total score.

Lots of work left undone.  I need to work on this new swing on the range.  I got a glimmer of what I can shoot on the first three holes.  I’ll get it straightened out.

So, for Old Hickory, you can buy 2 for 1 passes through PlayersPass.com.  They are good for Monday through Friday anytime.  My buddy and I ended up paying $75 total.  Pretty cheap round at a very nice course.

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