August 10, 2010

Old Hickory Golf Club – 88

So, I brought my old putter back and it’s working.  My old putter is a mid 1990s Hi Tech blade made by some dude named Mike Newell.  It’s a little bit ghetto.  I bought it at Washington Golf almost 15 years ago for $99.  I used it for a long time until I got my Guerin Rife 2-bar putter a few years ago.  I tell you what, I’m putting much better now.  It’s weird.

Old Hickory is a bitch of a course.  To me, 88 is a pretty good score.  Actually, one of my best at a tough course like this.  I guess it helped that my driver was working too.  I hit 64% of the fairways; 33% greens.  Not great, but better than normal.

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