June 16, 2011

Penderbrook – 97

It’s been a while since I’ve played at Penderbrook. With good reason, of course. We were moving a long fine until we got to the 7th hole, and it took about an hour to finish the next three holes. The course is not that long…about 6150 yards from the blues. The greens are slow as hell too, so it’s really hard to have a great putting round there.

Anyways, I made some really dumb mistakes on the front nine.  Shot a 54, then came back strong on the back 9 with a 43.  It’s kinda sad, but my handicap is actually increasing.  I’ve gotten worse since last year.

So, a few things that I’m taking away from this round:

  • weight on left foot
  • hold club closer to body when i’m hitting off the toe
  • swing path – out and up (not too far inside)

With my new R11 driver, I can instantly tell where on the club face I’m hitting my drives.  The first few holes, I was definitely hitting them consistently on the toe.  I made an adjustment by bringing the club closer to my body, even though it didn’t feel as good.  Sure enough, I started hitting my drives more squarely.

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