June 2, 2010

Piedmont Country Club: 100+

Argghh…first time playing at this course.  Piedmont Country Club.  My driver was out of whack again.  I blew up on a few holes, lost about a dozen balls.  On one par 3, it took me 4 tries to get off the tee.  I squared it up towards the end, but it took me about 8 or 9 holes.  Sucks.  I’m pretty sure I’m running into the same problem every time, and that’s taking the club too far inside.  I need to find a fix for this on the fly.

I’ve been watching The Hank Haney Project with Ray Ramono.  All of things that Hank talks about on that show, seems like the same things that I’m having problems with.  Ray takes his club way too inside, as I do myself.  I’ve watched my swing over and over, and that seems to be the main problem.  The problem is, I know that this is my problem, yet I can’t seem to get it fixed on the course.  Anyways, I need to avoid these crazy rounds like this.  I think if I would’ve kept score, I probably would’ve shot in the 110s.  I should never have rounds like this ever again.

So, Piedmont golf club.  My buddy said that he paid $8,500 for the initiation fees, then roughly $500/month in dues.  This gives him access to both Piedmont and River Creek country clubs.  He just needs to pay the $19 cart fee every time he plays, and he’s good to go.  I’m not ready to be confined to one course yet, but maybe in a few years.  As much golf as I play, it would probably be worth it.

The course was pretty nice.  The rough was ridiculous.  If your driver is out of whack, forget it.  The deep stuff was impossible.  You hit your ball in there, and you’re cooked.  Don’t even bother looking for the ball.

Anyways, back to the basics.

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