February 19, 2011

Played My First Round of Golf in 2011 at Stonewall

I played my first round of golf at Stonewall  yesterday.  I was planning on keeping score, but after I took two tee shots and an “unofficial” quadruple bogey on the first hole, I decided that it was best to keep this as a practice round.  Probably a good idea because with all of the lost balls and kicking of balls out from under a tree, I would’ve shot maybe 200.  Heh.

Anyways, I’ve got a lot of work to do.  Everything was out of whack.  I couldn’t even hit the ball.  Not to mention my turrrible [sic] short game.  So many three putts; so many turrrible chips. Uggghh.  Brings back horrible memories from last year.

It looks like the Waggle Golf Pass doesn’t offer 2 for 1s at Laurel Hill and Twin Lakes anymore, so I will probably just stick with the Tee Time Golf Pass this year.  Tee Time Golf Pass offers similar deals at both of these courses, but a ton more on top of Waggle.  The price is $59.95 versus $40 for the Waggle.  I still haven’t gotten either of them yet, but I will probably end up getting the TTGP.

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