June 20, 2011

Pleasant Valley: 43

Just played 9 holes, but played pretty well.  I was only 3 over after 7, then ended up double bogeying the last two holes.  The 8th hole, hooked my driver left into the woods, then chiped out, and thinned my iron to the green.  I used a 9-iron to chip to a downhill hole, and it went off the green.  Ugghh…small mistakes add up to a double bogey.  On the 9th hole, I sliced my driver into the water on the right, then flubbed my sloped 5-iron shot to the green.  Four to the green, then two putt.  Double bogey.

A few things to note from this round:

  • “stack and tilt” with the weight on the left foot is getting me to turn instead of sway
  • with putting, don’t accelerate or decelerate into the putt.  Nice even stroke back and forth.
  • Gotta work on that 115 yard shot.  9pm 52 degree works pretty good…practice it…

Looking forward to my next round.

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