June 21, 2011

Reston National: 83 – Handicap: 14.8

Played well today.  I used my Tee Time Golf Pass to get the greens fees at $35.  I shot a 41/42 on the par 71 course.  We played from the blacks, which is one up from the tips (gold).  I only hit 4 fairways, so my driver and woods need a little bit of work.  Before the round, I set my new R11 to 9.5 degrees, so I think I’m gonna adjust it back to 10.5 degrees.  Most of my misses were blocks out to the right.  I’m probably just not closing my club face on impact, or I’m not releasing properly.  I did hit 10 greens though, which is pretty good considering my terrible tee shots.

A few notes from this round:

  • get the ball to the hole on the putts.  I had 38 putts, with 3 three putts.


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