September 22, 2011

South Riding: 81

Shot my best round today. The front 9, I had 6 pars, 2 bogeys, and one double. On the double, I hooked my drive somewhere in the bushes. I ended up getting a par with my second ball. :)

40 on the front 9.

On the back 9, I was 4 over going to 18. If I got a birdie on this hole, I’d break 80 for the first time ever, but birdie was going to be hard. I hit my drive to the right rough, and it happened to fall in between a dirt patch surround by clumps of grass. Kind of a bad beat. I ended up thinning the shot a little bit, and it sailed past to the back of the green in the rough. Chip and two putt for 81.

Still, I had a great round today. I really felt great with my swing. I don’t know what it was, but I hadn’t played in two weeks due to the crazy amounts of rain, and a week-long vacation. I did go to the range the day before, and worked on a little something. I’ve been working on my eye line. Basically, my feet and shoulders were parallel, but I think my eye line was crooked, which was causing me to come over the top. Now, I feel like I have more of an open stance, whereas, it’s really just a normal stance. Instead of looking down with my eyes, I’m kinda looking out and to the right now. Whatever it is, seems like it worked today.

I can’t wait to play again…perhaps on a harder course, to get a true test. Also, I didn’t have any 3 putts today, and I didn’t go into the bunker once. Those also contributed to my good score.

My official handicap is at 13.3 now. I need 9 more of these rounds to get to single digit. :)

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