August 17, 2010

South Riding – 88

Shot an 88 at South Riding yesterday.  The saddest part is that I had 6 lost balls.  88 with six lost balls is actually pretty good considering, but still 6 lost balls is 6 lost balls.  Can’t have that.  My biggest problem was my tee shot.  I was spraying everywhere for the most part.  This one shot off the tee, I hit a 5W directly into the woods, 25 yards away.  It was atrocious.  Sad may be the better word.

The good parts of my round was the 9 pars, 32 putts, and quite a few up and downs.  Only 5 fairways and 6 greens.  I think I need to hit the range and fast.  If I can work out my driver, I foresee a round in the 70s, in the very near future.  I am close; I can taste it.

My handicap currently sits at 12.8.  I’m out of the teens!  Hah.  I guess the real question is, for how long?

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