Tee Time Golf Pass 2012 for $39.95

June 28, 2012

Tee Time Golf Pass 2012 for $39.95

It looks like Tee Time Golf Pass just lowered their price to $39.95, which is a $20 discount from their normal price.  They always do this near the July 1st time frame every year.  This discount only applies to the mid-atlantic book and not the northeast or midwest books.

You can probably get your money back on just a few rounds with this book, since they offer a ton of 2 for 1s and $10 to $20 off rounds at many golf courses in the mid-atlantic area including Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, etc.  This is hands down the best golf discount book available in this area.  They’ve been in business the longest and have established the most offers at local golf courses.

Personally, I buy the book every year.  Sometimes, I buy another book at the discounted rate because I use up all of the offers for one or two particular course, so I get to reload.

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