November 14, 2012

Tee Time Golf Pass 2013 is Available!

It looks like the Tee Time Golf Pass people released their new books.  The mid-atlantic edition remains their flagship book with discounts at 575 courses; free greens fees at 167 of them.  The price remains the same at $59.95.

The Northeast edition seems to have decreased in price by $10.  The book is selling at $39.95 now versus the $50 price tag last year.  Their websites says 226 golf courses, then their buy now page says “over 200”, but from our count, there are only 167 golf courses available.  I don’t know exactly how many courses are in their book, but there’s probably a reason why they also decreased their price by $10 this year.  Also, there’s a deal where if you buy 4 or more books, then you get a $5 discount on each book.  Just visit their website for more information.

Their Midwest edition looks to be unchanged.  It says that the book offers golf deals at 533 courses, but our count has 567 courses.  The price remains the same for the Midwest book at $45.


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