December 13, 2012

Thrifty Ways to Enjoy an Expensive Sport

People who like to golf also know that it can be one of the more expensive, if not the most expensive sport to play. Equipment such as clubs, shoes, balls, etc. will cost a large amount over time. However, for those who golf frequently, the price for golfing itself is what costs the most money. Golfing on a weekly basis can cost people into the thousands of dollars per year. The total price range per year will vary depending on whether or not a person usually rents a cart and especially on where they golf. Even the cheapest courses will cost a pretty penny over time if visited on a regular bases.

Fortunately, there are ways to maximize value and save money while still enjoying golf on a regular and even frequent basis. One just needs to know a few money-saving tricks. Perhaps the most beneficial way to save money is to know when to select a tee time. Off-peak tee times usually cost less and they are more convenient because there is less congestion on the course. These aren’t always the most practical times to golf. Off peak tee times tend to be at and odd hour between typical meal times, or late. Decent examples of off peak tee times would be 10 AM, 2 PM, and 7 PM for those who want to squeeze 9 holes in during the Summer before it is dark. Another good aspect of golfing by tee time is that many places offer tee time coupons. Most are offered for off peak hours so that golf courses can bring more golfers in when the course is not as busy. However, some places offer coupons for peak tee times when playing would be most expensive.

An especially useful deal golfers can purchase is a tee time golf pass. When a golfer buys a tee time golf pass they may do it through two methods. They may reserve a tee time and purchase the pass at the time much like a coupon to get a discont. The best option when purchasing tee time golf passes is for those who golf frequently though. This is a long-term pass that run seasonly or yearly depending on location. Golfers may purchase one of these for every Saturday morning for a season for an example. If they like to golf frequently at the same course and they know when the best time usually is for them, this deal will end up saving possibly hundreds of dollars.

While the sport of golf may be very expensive there are methods to decrease the hit to one’s wallet. A person just needs to ask about what different golf courses and country clubs offer. For the regular golfer, taking advantage of these types of offers could save thousands of dollars per year. Also, if none of these previously mentioned offers are avaialble, most golf courses will offer golf coupons or golf discounts at the very least. These coupons and discounts will range on what they are for from what day or time a person may use them to golf, or even for specialty items such as golf cart rental or meals at the country club/golf course. These may not be as convenient as the earlier mentioned methods for saving money on golf but they too can save a lot of money in the long-run.

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