July 3, 2010

Twin Lakes Oaks: 103

Ugghhh…what a day.  I was brutalized.  I had a problem getting off the tee.  And that lead to other mistakes.  My short game was awful too.  48 on the front, 55 on the back.  Lost a bunch of balls.  I’m getting worse…not better…aack.  Gotta put some more work in, then I’ll be okay.  I am trying to build a solid foundation, then the good rounds will come.

BTW…you can buy 2 for 1 passes at Twin Lakes with the Waggle Golf Pass.  The cost of the pass is $30 if you use the promo code: Dealz.  You get two coupons for each the lakes and the Oaks courses.  The pass expires at the end of the year.  Best deal in town for the Waggle Golf Pass.

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