June 15, 2010

Twin Lakes Oaks: 86

Shot one of my best rounds today.  It’s funny because I hadn’t even touched a club since the last time I played, last Monday.  I practice less and I play better.  I don’t get it.  Anyways, at the start of the round, I told myself to stop thinking and just hit the ball.  In my previous several rounds, I was so focused on my takeaway and my swing plane that I think it screwed me up.  I was just so slow and deliberate that I had no rhythm.  There has to be rhythm in a swing, otherwise, you have no chance.

So off the tee, my shots were still cutting…sometimes slicing, but it was controlled.  I’m definitely still taking the club way too inside, which takes a lot of yards off of my shots, but the good thing is that I know I’m shorter and I can play for that.  The bad thing is that if I continue like this, I will eventually get eaten up by long courses.  Like on the second hole at Twin Lakes, the carry is probably a little over 200 yards.  With my cut/slice, if I don’t catch it good, I’m in the water almost every time.  That’s not good.

Gonna try to play again soon, or maybe hit the range today.  I’d like to see if I can play another good round asap.  My handicap currently sits at 14.1.

BTW…you can get 2 for 1 greens fees at Twin Lakes using the 2010 Waggle Golf Pass.  Make sure you use the promo code: Dealz for $10 off your order, which makes the book cost $30.

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