June 19, 2010

Twin Lakes Oaks: 95

On the first hole, I plopped one into the woods on my second shot.  Had to take a drop and ended with a double bogey.  Always sucks to start with a double or worse.  I ended the round with 37 putts.  I mean, I have no chance at breaking 80 with 37 putts.  No chance.  I have a few chip + 2 putts and maybe one chip + 3 putts.  Those are the worst as well.  I only hit two fairways and four greens.  My driver was obviously all over the place today.

On the back 9, I started with triple, double, triple, triple.  What a dagger.  The only good thing is that I ended with par, body, par, bogey, par.  My biggest problem now is just the duffs and the lost balls.  I feel as though I just need more work.  I’ve already put in probably 40-50 rounds this year.  A score of 95 just doesn’t cut it for me.  I should be below 90 every time now.  I do feel as though I am closer though.

Anyways, you can play at Twin Lakes for half price with the Waggle Golf Pass.  Use the golfingdealz.com promo code Dealz for $10 off.

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