July 3, 2010

Twin Lakes Oaks: 97

48 in the front, 49 in the back.  I struggle once again.  Short game did me in this time.  I am still working on the new swing.  Now, I think it’s time to work on the inside 125 yards game.  I had 14 putts on the front 9, which was fantastic.  17 putts on the back 9.  I had one 4 putt and one 3 putt.  Definitely gotta eliminate those.

I think I gotta hit the range, and record my swing to see what I need to tweak.  I’m feeling much better about my swing now.  Just gotta stabilize my turn.  I am still shifting sometimes, which is causing the majority of my problems.

I only hit 1 fairway, and 3 greens all day.  This can’t keep happening, especially with my struggling short game.  Til next time.

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