June 8, 2010

Twin Lakes – Oaks Course: 102

Going through some swings changes at the moment.  The truth is, I’m not really sure what I’m changing.  I seem to go through this cycle of trying new things, then when I find something that works, even though it’s wrong, I will go with it until it breaks again.  Once it breaks, I will try something new…rinse and repeat.  Why don’t I just go with what works?  It doesn’t make sense right?

I know that I’m taking the club too far inside, but there are a lot of players who take the club too inside and shoot well.  I don’t know.  I’m not really sure how to approach it.  I tend to approach everything that I do this way.  Meaning, I will learn on my own, then keep tweaking until I can find the most efficient method.  Sometimes it takes me years to understand the correct method.

I am trying to do this with my golf swing, but it is taking longer than expected.  I’ve already spent several hundred dollars in lessons, but I am stubborn and I keep going back to my own method.  Like Hank Haney says to Ray Romano, I need to trust my instructor and put everything into what they say.  My instructors say that I take the club too far inside.  I can see that I’m getting better with leaving the club on the outside on the takeaway, but it’s still consistent yet.

Anyways, no more rounds until I can get this swing under control.  Gonna hit the range on the work on the inside swing.

Oh yeah…another thing that I’ve been working on is keeping my hands as close to 90 degree as possible to the ground.  Keep my hands closer to my body on setup.  It seems as though most pros are 90 degrees at setup.

And here’s me from Twin Lakes yesterday:

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