May 25, 2010

Twin Lakes – Oaks Course : 90

I played at Twin Lakes – Oaks Course the other day.  I shot a 90.  I had 33 putts, which is better than average for me.  I had a couple of bad tee shots, but I don’t think I ever lost a ball, so that was huge.   My score definitely could’ve been higher by another 10 shots though because of the bad tee shots.

My goal is to become a single digit handicapper by the end of the year.  I’m at 15 now.  I hate being in the teens.  I’m probably going to start taking some serious lessons here soon.  I checked my handicap last year and it was exactly the same.  I haven’t changed a damn thing in one year.  No improvement.  I am very impatient, so when I don’t see results, I either quit, or I do something to see better results.

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