June 21, 2011

Westfields: 85

Shot one of my best rounds ever today at Westfields.  43 on the front 9, and 42 on the back nine.  I even got two triples, and two or three doubles.  Looking back, I made some terrible mistakes with club selection, and going for shots that I didn’t even have.  On the par 3, 17th, I tried to do some stupid cut shit and ended up going in the water.  I ended up making double on that hole.  Just dumb crap like that.  I definitely could’ve shot in the 70s if I would played smarter.

So, here’s whats been working:

  • weight on left foot, to get me hitting down on the ball, instead of “lifting” it up.
  • get closer to the ball on address.
  • remember to pose (helps me to release)
  • in to out swing
  • on the putting, nice even back and forth stroke

I got my round from EZLinks.  They’re offering a pretty good deal at Westfields during the week for $53.  Probably the best deal around at Westfields.

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