March 4, 2011

Westfields Golf – 97

I started off hot on the first 6 holes with 4 pars, a double and a bogey.  For me, that’s good.  Anyways, I went downhill shortly after, finishing the front nine with double, triple, double.  I gotta work on my short game and making my swing a little more fluent.  Right now, you can tell that I have a lot of swing thoughts going through my head on every shot.  I need to just think of one thing, and swing, like I’ve done it a million times.  The good news is that I finally feel like my swing is at a point, where I can work on it.  Before, I felt as though it was hit or miss where the ball was going to end up.  Now, I can swing and know what I did wrong.

Anyways, I still had 33 putts.  3 lost balls.  Improvements in these two things could’ve brought my score below 90 for sure.  I just hope the weather warms up a little bit soon, so that I can go out there and practice.

I ended up using my 2 for 1 pass at Westfields Golf Course.  I got it from the Oktoberfest in the fall.  The pass is kinda dumb because one person pays the regular rate, and the other has to pay a cart fee of $30.  The regular rate was $49.  In total, it was $80 for two people, making it $40 for each person.  The Waggle Golf Pass or the Tee Time Golf Pass both have $20 regular rates, which is a much better deal than the 2 for 1.

My handicap sits at 15.3 as reported in  OH yeah, don’t sleep on golfshot for the iphone.  It’s the best golf gps app on the net these days.  $29.99 will get you the full functionality with zero subscription fees.  I wouldn’t recommend getting it with an iphone 3gs or below because the gps doesn’t update fast enough and it’s not accurate enough.  With the iphone 4, this app is the BEST.

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