July 15, 2010

Worthington Manor: 91

Played Worthington Manor on Sunday, shot a 91.  Had a few lost balls, which costed me a better score.  The par 5 9th hole was a beast.  I had about 267 yards downhill to the downsloping green with a dead gully in front of it.  With a solid 3-wood, I’d be 50/50 on making it over.  I probably should’ve hit the 3-wood, but instead I opted for an 8-iron.  My layup shot landed in the fairway, but I had a downhill lie.  I ended up shanking it into the crap anyways.  Ughh.  After a drop and coming up short on the green, I ended up with an 8 on the hole.  Such a dagger.

The decisions you make on the golf course means the world to your score.  Playing smart is half the battle.  Executing the other half.

I played pretty well for a pretty hard course.  33 putts total.  Only 3 fairways and 4 greens.  Obviously, I’m still all over the place with my driver.  I think from here on out, I’m gonna start playing what I got instead of trying to correct my swing on the course.  If I’m slicing the ball that day, then so be it…that’s what I will go with.  I’m not gonna fight it any longer.

49 on the front 9, and 42 on the back.  I played a lot better on the back.  No major mistakes.  Only 1 double on the 10th hole.  No 3 putts.  That’s the key to shooting a low score.

My handicap is officially a 15 right now.  Ugghhh…

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